Concept: Tackling Food Waste

Project Leaders: Iona Frisby and Rahul Jina

The objective of this project is reselling/giving to charity misshapen/unsellable food or food waste from farmers and supermarket. This would include the development of a delivery service to transport the food. More ideas pertaining to this topic are:

Concept: Another Leaf (Tackling Mental Health in Female Youth)

Project Leaders: Joanna Abadies, Fahima Akther and Momina Zafar

This idea refers to a workshop series aimed at empowering female youth. The concept revolves around a plant as a visual representation of a young person’s personal growth. At the workshop, the beneficiaries will receive a plant and will be told to water the plant every time they feel they have done something significant outside of their comfort zone. Each beneficiary will start with a seed and watch it grow into a flourishing plant, prompting them to focus on their wellbeing. To pilot this program, we can begin with a few girls. Once the pilot beneficiaries have grown their plants, they can be included in the workshops, sharing their experience and revealing their plants, explaining how the process works. When a plant becomes too big, it can be planted in a community garden or in a meaningful place. We also eventually aim to create an online network of “leave”, where the beneficiaries can anonymously share their experiences and an online platform that digitises the plant growing process to widen inclusion.

Concept: Decreasing Depression in Older People

Project Leaders: Vanessa Stridever

The objective of this project is to create a community of older people, utilising their knitting and craft skills. This group would then make ‘buddy bears’ which would be distributed to underprivileged children, such as those in foster homes/ orphanages, immigrants and asylum seekers, children in hospice, poverty, witnesses in court. These children might feel lonely and having a Buddy Bear is something they could keep for life and provide comfort in times of need. This project would provide value for both the older and younger generation.

Concept: Business Training Workshops for Unemployed and Homeless

Project Leaders: Gurdit Singh

This project would offer business training classes to unemployed and homeless people. It would teach them the skills needed to get hired and thrive in a new job. The course would include a CV-making workshop, after which 10 copies of reach participant’s CV would be printed for free. To encourage continued participation, healthy meals will be given to each participant. Throughout the course, we will track the progress of each of the participants. Pearson Business students can teach the classes.

Concept: Mental Health Peer Advisor Certification Series/ Mental Health Workshop Series for Professionals

Project Leaders: Abigail Bernabe and Samiha Farooqi

The objective of this idea is to create a certification course for university and secondary school students to learn how to become mental health advocates for their peers. Students would be taught by mental health professionals and be awarded a certificate at its completion. The series will them be altered to address the needs of professionals, offering workshops for current or aspiring SME owner/managers, teaching contemporary techniques that provide them with the tools to combat stress and burnout such as Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence training. Although this training is often available to employees of large organisations, limited resources do not allow much exposure to them for entrepreneurs. Activities include:

Concept: Sleeping Bag Jacket for Homeless

Project Leaders: Dexter Chu

This project involves developing a product. The product would be a waterproof jacket that turns into a sleeping bag primarily for homeless people. The jacket/ sleeping bag can be made out recycled (tents/sleeping bags) from festivals and sustainable recycled materials from partnerships to be attained. It can be monetised by selling it to the public and each purchase will provide one for a homeless person also. We could also use homeless individuals to help produce and create the products to provide them with jobs.

Concept: Developing a New Kind of Reusable Waterbottle

Project Leaders: Conner Maguire

This project involves developing a product. The idea is to create a reusable water bottle that has a detachment at the bottom which houses a plant-seed which when the user fills up the bottle they can fill up the bottom department as well and place it around their house, in the garden (as the bottom will be biodegradable), or within their community, and a plant will grow out from it.